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masterkydrocks avatar
2016. 09. 15. 17:27:54 #
Good profile :)
SamX avatar
2016. 09. 10. 19:43:41 #
Happy birthday! :D
no avatar
2016. 01. 28. 18:03:50 #
Thx alot bro i played all of the games u have said here :P altho im downloading spec ops the line/prey/resident evil revelation (ye it say i cant run it at all on x1600 pro) but i run it on low with 30/35 fps on lowest settings and its decent :D
SamX avatar
2016. 01. 28. 16:36:20 #
Then you should check out Far Cry 1, 2, Assassin's Creed 1, Brotherhood, Revelations, Half-Life 1, 2, Freedom Fighters, Prince of Persia series, Alan Wake, Max Payne 1, 2 (not sure your PC will handle Max Payne 3 or not), Splinter cell series (Splinter Cell Blacklist may not support), Ghost Recon series till Future Soldier (it's badly optimized), Hitman series (maybe not Absolution), NFS Most Wanted (yes, it's a racing game but many action games don't have the action and thrill this game packs ;) ), witcher 1 (maybe 2 also), Batman arkham asylum, city (maybe origins too) and obviously the Grand Theft Auto series till GTA 4. :D ;)
I don't know much about amd cards. :( So the games that I said I'm not sure about might also work, you should ask about them in their requirements page to find out the truth. :)
I hope this list will help you! ;)
no avatar
2016. 01. 28. 01:13:14 #
tomb raider all parts,ac 2,3,black flag,the amazing spiderman currently im looking for some games like tomb raider 2013,crysis and stuff like that so i can play it on my radeon x1600 pro 512 mb p.s i have tried far cry 3 but game crashes at new game right after loading screen where intro movie should start
SamX avatar
2016. 01. 27. 20:42:17 #
Which survival & action-adventure games have you played already?
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