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2 éve | 2017. 05. 13. 11:09:32
how come that u hate winter? here in asia, we hope for winter to come, but it will never ever happen.. its pretty hot now.. :P
cetorhinus avatar
2 éve | 2017. 05. 13. 18:07:22
@bagusprs: Well here in Bosnia you have to give entire paycheck for 10 cubic meter of wood (we use mostly wood for heating) and sometimes even that isn't enough, later you have to buy another 5 cubic meter, that's another expense in a poor economy. To make things even "beter" you have to cut and chop them yourself otherwise cost would be at least double, i hate chopping wood, it's extremely labor intensive. Another thing is: i hate cold, i have very poor blood circulation, i have tingling in my legs, sometimes in my arms, so what's a minor cold for some people, it's freezing for me, so imagine what it's like for me when it's -10c° or -20c°, sometimes it gets even -30c°. But there is more, due to my poor blood circulation and cold weather now i am even worse, on new years eve my arms paralyzed and i had to be hospitalized, but wait that is not all, aside of paralysis i also developed chronic dizziness, so yeah... now i have vertigo all the time. Sure it's mild, but sometimes it gets worse. (I woke up more than once white as a Casper, with almost no blood in my head, well it's very unpleasant, the vertigo, the nausea, the heath wave).
I also don't like snow. It's cold, it's wet, you have to clean it in the cold :D and it's too bright.
I am also weather sensitive, i am in a bad mood in the winter, but when there's a sun i am in great mood. (Probably due to poor blood circulation).
So that is why i hate winter :D ;) :P
You are lucky, i often imagine myself living in hawaii :D :D :D
bagusprs avatar
2 éve | 2017. 05. 14. 01:03:09
@cetorhinus: oh god.. that is worse than what i imagine.. holy crap.. i'm sorry for your bad experience with winter..
-20c° ???? my Air conditioner are maxed out at 16c° and its freaking cold , i cant imagine how did that feel there..holy crap.. i should probably stick with mine then.. ;-(
cetorhinus avatar
2 éve | 2017. 05. 14. 12:54:35
@bagusprs: Hehe it's ok ;)
Imagine what is like in Russia where is -50c° or Siberia region were it gets -65c° :o
It's not that we don't have worm summer, we have continental climate, so it get's up to 40c° (45c° in the heat wave), but mostly it's around 35c°.
Hehe well at least you don't have to chop woods :D or shovel snow. It would be pain in the ass shoveling snow in that heat :D XD :?
cetorhinus avatar
2 éve | 2017. 04. 30. 18:43:04
Thx man, yours too. B-) ;)
warlord1989 avatar
2 éve | 2017. 04. 30. 11:24:16
Good avatar :D
cetorhinus avatar
3 éve | 2016. 01. 28. 12:49:10
Sicu33 avatar
4 éve | 2015. 07. 22. 20:22:41
Remek avi :D

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