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Szint 11
itt járt 14 napja
3 éve tag
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Tyrion Lannister avatar
2016. 03. 08. 10:49:21 #
Happy birthday!
AlyesRock avatar
2015. 12. 25. 02:31:04 #
Merry christmas! :)
hasibk01 avatar
2015. 03. 14. 17:25:50 #
hasibk01 avatar
2015. 01. 30. 20:29:51 #
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 17. 11:06:50 #
You played acu so you must have w7. Download, install and use these gadgets:
cpu meter
gpu meter
run your acu windowed and check the meters to monitor your hardware. Check the usage of your cpu gpu and ram on those meters. And plz reply your usage of cpu ram and gpu.
3mb total but Very usefull thing.
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 11. 14. 18:10:58 #
Wow....so many comments posted. I am enjoying this arguingXD Keep playing this;) but don't post on native lang, i didn't understand them.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 14. 18:00:42 #
Ohhoo... You stuck this time liar. There are evidence now. No more lie, sir...
You said gtx780 has 15fps on requirements page. Kintu ami dath vanga jawab disi:P by that video where showing 60fps ultra with gtx780.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 14. 15:26:04 #
I didn't ever said 'ac unity has no glitch' i just said your problems are normal. [Read this 10 times]
i saw in ps4 its fps sometimes less than 30. Ps4 just cost $400. You said 'gt780 has 15 fps and gt630 has 30 fps' these are stupidity of your.
Don't change topic to blame me
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 11. 14. 11:37:52 #
Then tell me why assassin creed unity has fps,lag and bugs issues on console and high rigs???don't talk like a jackass.gain knowledge and then come to talk maggot.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 14. 10:55:27 #
I didn't said ac unity has no glitch. I said 'if you have lower than minimum sittings, glitch, lag and bugs are normal'. Why are you posting same comments?
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 11. 14. 07:20:34 #
Hasibk may b right. Bcuz ac unity cracked on that day it launched. It is only possible if u download it from internet. How much fps you got on it?
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 14. 04:07:01 #
I don't think this game has fps problems, glitch and bugs. When you really buy this game you will have this problem bcuz you have two cores and 2gb ram. These are worse than minimum sitt.
For ex: racing cars are made for main roads but you are driving it on a jungle so, you have lots of problems. Just like this after buying this you will have this problems for sure.
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 17:11:11 #
@sakif I buy game yesterday I mean 12th November at 8pm and I played game at 11pm.u belief it or not I don't care. Yes games has bugs, glitch and frame rate issues but this r all happening in every console if u go through net even powerful gpu.if u use ***rrent then u never ask me that type of question.
@Jackie my gpu far enough to play this game. Yes I using custom settings and glitch and fps and bugs issues present all platform. I think u know ***rrent. If u know then u never ask me that type question.
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 16:36:39 #
You didn't understand my comment.
Cracking a game needs time. I pre ordered a game that i got next day it realise! And you got it's cracked version on that day!
Your gpu, not enough to run ac unity
Our country has a strong law of using cracked game:(
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 13. 16:12:41 #
I also play cracked version game. You can't even find any real game in this country!
I am not talking about this. I said 'you told a lie that you played assassin's creed unity' i know it realised 11 nov so, it is impossible to find this game in bangladesh next day it realised. And you saying you played it yesterday!
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 11:43:17 #
Ow sakif i think u r son of a richman.u live in bangladesh and u play game without pirate version.u r a big liar.it already i market specially uttara.
@jakie yes i played pirate version becoz we r from poor country.we r not enough money to but this.u in america u all r so rich.we r not and don't think that every american play real version of game.they also play pirate version.
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 11:16:44 #
Really funny:D you... played ac unity on bangladesh, next day after it realisedXD you thought you said this and everyone belive youXD
i pre ordered assassin's creed unity. And i got it on 12 nov. I lived in california. And you lived in bangladesh.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 13. 10:55:19 #
Do you know when AC UNITY realised? You definatly telling lie. It realised on 11 nov and you played it's cracked version on 12 nov! How funny:D!
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 05:36:36 #
Ooow sakif u r too late.a already buy this game which is 10dvd and play last night and i m not telling lie.game is running good.yes my gpu not very good but enough good to play assassin creed unity.there is glitch but it is fault of developer.not only pc but also console has frame rate issues.it is not in our hand.also i play COD AW which is 12 dvd.so u r too late for this.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 13. 04:26:01 #
this site easily showing playing assassin's creed unity using gt630m and very good cpu ram at 10-15 fps only. You have only 2gb ram and not so good cpu. So, stop telling lie. This game realise two days earlier. For sure you buy cracked game. It needs time to become cracked and come in bangladesh.
I am not insulting you. I just answer the qstn.
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 02:58:24 #
@komail yes game is running smoothly on gt 630.u can playing this easily.
@sakif again u proof that u have no knowledge about hardware by saying that i running game less than 5fps.ha ha ha.i run this game with custom settings with bloom on,ssao on and others.
@attila i m not speaking in hindi.i speak in Bangla.well already my native sakif has big mouth.that's why i speak bangla.
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 11. 12. 22:09:14 #
Hey. I don't care if you speak in your own language, but please avoid posting in Hindu on the requirements page.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 12. 19:51:30 #
Don't worry he will get less than 5fps even in lowest sittings if it works:? He will buy this game for his sonXD
no avatar
2014. 11. 11. 13:24:11 #
Can u tell me if assassins creed unity works in your pc
no avatar
2014. 10. 04. 15:33:17 #
Hei you said on shadow of mordor that you have 60 fps with a gt 630 on low settings . I have a gt 630 2gb ddr3 gigabyte edition do you think i can run it with more than 30 fps on low ? thanks !
Adityasingh18 avatar
2014. 10. 04. 07:20:39 #
do you understand hungarian?
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 02. 21. 07:09:38 #
TroN avatar
2013. 12. 21. 08:08:01 #
Hi and Welcom
Megaisten avatar
2013. 06. 25. 20:06:25 #
Alonso01 avatar
2013. 06. 25. 20:03:09 #
Üdv itt! :)
pempikee avatar
2013. 06. 25. 19:49:39 #
Üdv itt!
magyardavid avatar
2013. 06. 25. 19:47:26 #
Üdv az oldalon :D
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